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a pink background with the words wtff fun fact 811 roller coasters create a sinking feeling in your stomach because
why roller coasters create a sinking feeling wtf
a red mushroom sitting on top of a lush green field next to a pink sign
the super mario mushrooms amanita muscaria
a tiger standing on its hind legs in front of a bus that is driving down the road
reverse zoo in china wtf fun facts
an image of a road going up the side of a mountain with snow on it
WTF Fun Facts
there are pictures of rocks and water in the ocean
This is the coolest thing ever. Check out the Elephant rock in Heimaey, Iceland. - iFunny
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with white tablecloths on them and one person handing out food to the other
Celebrating Chilaquiles
a person holding a dog in their hand with the caption dogs have a branch of nerves in their ears and when you rub them it releases endophns, making them extremely relaxed with a type of natural high
dogs get high when you rub their ears wtf fun
a raccoon standing on top of a white sheet next to a blue sign
a person standing in front of a large boat on snow covered ground with caption that reads, you can pay to go on expedition with national geographic to exotic places like antartica
expeditions with national geographic wtf fun
an image of a store with shelves full of products
museum of failed products wtf fun fact
the new year's eve confetti in nyc is literally made of people's hopes and dreams
an image of a tortoise shell on the page
I can't believe I'm only just learning about this at 22 years old! - post
an amazing sentence in english is not what we are talking about, it's true
an email message is displayed on the screen, and it appears to be someone's facebook page
This Guy Makes Massive Video Game and Fantasy Swords at Home, Here are 7 of Them
an article on the tumblr app is shown in this screenshot from march 2013
Why 'tock-tick' does not sound right to your ears
a cell phone with an image of a blue hole in the ground and text that reads,
Two kinds of people - WTF
World History, History, Interesting History, Periodic Table, Knowledge, Dmitri Mendeleev
30 Random Fun Facts to Shove into your Head
an aerial view of two ships in the ocean with caption about it's location
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
the text on the page is clearly visible for us to see in this screenshot
an old black and white photo with some writing on it's back side,
an old photo of a man eating food on top of a table with the caption in
So soft,, so sweet,, good – Photo Funny
someone is holding a plastic bottle in their hand and it looks like they are floating on the water
an image of two women in ancient dress and one has a quote about the great granddaughter of genjis khunru
Picture memes CxH40TG37: 2 comments — iFunny
Humanity Restored, Society, Patriarchy
Meet Irena Sendler.
an old cemetery with a sign on it that reads,'the grave of george mccie lived once buried in stone
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there is a dolphin swimming in the water with its mouth open and captioning
16 Funky Animal Facts That'll Expand Your Brain
an eagle with the caption that says, if humans had eagles'eyes, we could see an ant on the ground from the root