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an image of a man with muscles on his back and arms in the shape of a human body
Sculptures, Architecture & Installation
a drawing of a rabbit skeleton sitting on the ground
Rabbit anatomy by bigredsharks on DeviantArt
an image of a diagram of the muscles
three different types of animals with their mouths open and showing muscles in the same direction
Scientific Illustration
Most animals are endanger that this is the only way we will see them afterwards.In Pictures.
four different types of animals are shown in this drawing
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Leonessa e Leone d'epoca Gorilla doppia faccia libro di niminsshop
an animal with muscles drawn on it's back, and the lower half of its body
Kodiak Bear Anatomy on Hasshe Images
Kodiak Bear Anatomy. Polar Bear Anatomy Diagram
an ostrich is standing on its hind legs
Gunther von Hagens, cadaveri e sculture plastinificati del Dottor Morte
La "statua" plantinificata di uno struzzo, by Gunther von Hagens. #gunthervonhagens #bodyworlds #plastinazione
an animal's muscles are labeled in this diagram
a drawing of a horse is shown in the middle of an image with lines drawn across it
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) - A horse with lines of proportion
A study of a horse, full length, standing in profile to the left; the off legs are indicated in two positions and the body is divided into sections as if for measurement. To the left is a drawing of the near hind-leg and quarters of a horse in profile to the left. The sheet has irregularly cut upper corners.The physical type of the horse is that of Leonardo’s first Florentine period as is the style of the drawing, with rough outlines and patches of scribbled hatching. Leonardo seems to be...
an image of the foot and ankle muscles in black and white, with labels on each side
ligamentos d pata
the hippopotamus and hippos are shown in this diagram
메이저 토토사이트
Hippo anatomy