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a pile of different colored fabrics on top of each other with one patch in the middle
Jun 17, Crazy Quilting Ideas and how they change as you work a block
Explore Crazy Quilting Ideas and how they evolve as you work a block. Learn how to adapt your design, replace elements, and tell a story with your project.
there are many different pieces of fabric on the table top, including scissors and thread
Jun 10, How do you embroider letters by hand using 3 simple stitches
How do you embroider letters by hand on a crazy quilt block. The tutorial covers how to position your letters and the three stitches used.
a piece of fabric with some knitting needles and yarn on it next to another piece of material
Jun 10, Woven picots make wonderful embroidered leaves!
Needle woven picots make wonderful leaves for your embroidered flowers or fruits
a piece of cheese with a needle in it
May 18, How to embroider by hand
Let me help you learn how to embroider, with step by steps and free designs to start you off.
the corner of a quilt with flowers and leaves on it's side, as well as an applique
Feb 6, Crazy Quilting: A Skillful Balance of Precision and Imagination
Crazy Quilting: A fusion of tradition and creativity - Join the quilt-making revolution!
a piece of fabric with a knot on top of it and some thread in the middle
Sep 15, Learn basic embroidery stitches and where to use them
Master the basic embroidery stitches, then create beautiful embellishments for your garments, home decorating items, and craft projects
a purple and white fleur de lis cross stitch pattern in a gold frame
Jun 24, fleur-de-lis blackwork patterns to download and stitch
The fleur-de-lis or iris flower is a traditional motif, stitch 3 variations in blackwork embroidery
sewing supplies are sitting on top of a red cloth with the words stitch your own business
Jun 24, Become a Cross stitch designer
This ebook gives an insider guide to becoming a cross stitch designer and starting your own business
a cross stitch picture with a woman holding a baby in her arms and flowers on the side
Jul 24, Oriental blackwork ladies to grace the walls of your home or office
Stitch these beautiful oriental blackwork ladies, embellished with metallic thread and seed beads to add some feminine grace to your home
two framed pictures with different designs on them, one has a cross stitch pattern and the other has a wooden frame
Sep 15, Hardanger embroidery information for beginners to this technique
Hardanger embroidery - An introduction to this whitework technique from Norway. Learn how to stitch it following a series of free hardanger lessons
a cross - stitch picture with a flower in the center on a black background and gold frame
Sep 15, An introduction to blackwork embroidery by Carol Leather
Learn how to do blackwork embroidery with Carol Leather. Find instructions, patterns and ideas for this, and lots of other types of needlework
the cross stitch calculator is shown with two arrows pointing up to each other
Sep 18, Cross stitch calculator - changing fabric count changes project size
Using this handy cross stitch calculator will determine the finished design size of your pattern if you change to a different fabric count
a white square with blue and green designs on it's side, in the center is an intricate cross - stitch design
Sep 26, Hemstitch: Elevate Your Style with Exquisite Handcrafted Details
Learn how to hemstitch your piece of needlework with these clear instructions and step by step photographs
several metal pins sticking out of the grass
Aug 12, How to Thread a Needle: Easy Tips and Techniques for Sewing Success
Learn how to thread a needle effortlessly with helpful needle threaders. Find easy tips and techniques to make stitching a breeze.
two pieces of cloth with some type of fabric on them, one has the word love and
Jun 20, From Novice to Expert: How to Learn Hand Embroidery
Embark on a journey of skill development | how to learn hand embroidery and unlock your creative potential