Play/Art kids area

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there are many barbie dolls on the shelves in this room, all lined up and ready to be played
Barbie Organization - DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Wall Racks for Less!
a pink doll house with blue roof and windows on the top shelf is filled with storage bins
Ikea Hacks 2 - DIY Home for You -
a wall mounted easel with the words ikea hack dry wall mounted easel
DIY Wall Mounted Easel - arinsolangeathome
there is a chalkboard in the corner of this room with chairs and a table
Inspiring Homeschool Rooms
a child's playroom with blue chairs and artwork on the wall above it
Toddler play area
the shelves are organized with baskets and pencils
kids playroom // home organization tips
a play room with toy bins and toys
a white room with lots of books and toys
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