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a letter written in black ink with the words i appreciate your concern none of this is your fault it's me and my head
Virginia Woolf
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a quote from albert camus on the price of life, december 31, 1934
an old photo with the words i was beautiful anymore now i looked like what i was,
the words are written in black and white, with an image of a woman's face
a quote that reads i'm not used to being loved i wouldn't know what to do
a quote that says it's not always just the heart sometimes your mind breaks as well
an image of someones tweeting about the garden of eden
never, ever ever again
& when someone asks , what do we do? deny deny deny :)
aes ; harry potter : theodore nott | ♡ Infp, Frases, True
aes ; harry potter : theodore nott | ♡
a quote from simon de beauvoir that says tonight, one more life sinks its teeth into my heart