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a paper plate with a clock on it
DIY: Cadran solaire - Cabane à idées
sundial idea for learning about time. Website is in French but the picture gives you the idea
a tree stump with a clock on it
Au fil des heures - Le Blog Esprit d'ici
an outdoor living area with couches and tables next to a swimming pool in the background
Comporta : des maisons-cabanes au paradis
Comporta : des maisons-cabanes au paradis - Côté Maison
a garden with rocks and plants growing in it's center, next to a wooden fence
Jardin de rocaille et déco en pierre naturelle en 40 idées
jardin de rocaille de taille riquiqui avec des grosses pierres, graminées, plantes couvre-sol et gazon
25 awesome backyard play spaces that are easy to make and fun for the whole family
The Best DIY Backyard Playgrounds for Your Outdoor Play Space - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
The Best Backyard DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Play Space - Build outdoor toys, climbing structures, sand and water play, and more!
a tree house built into the side of a tree in front of a fenced yard
DIY Tree Forts and Deck Bring Out the Neighborhood Kids
Instead of a treehouse, build a DIY tree fort. Kids love multiple entrances and exits!
an image of some benches in the grass
111 World's Most Loved DIY Projects - Homesthetics Magazine
111 World’s Most Loved DIY Projects
an info sheet showing different types of boats
Comment construire un hôtel à insectes ?
Comment construire un hôtel à insectes ? | Living Circular
an old suitcase filled with lots of different types of insect specimens on the side of a building
Com a crescente urbanização, os espaços onde moravam grande parte dos insetos benéficos ao jardim, foram danificados e muitas vezes acabaram por exterminar diversas espécies benéficas, inclusive agentes polonizadores
an outdoor greenhouse with plastic bottles and plants growing in the planter's hoop
mini serre en bouteilles recyclées
a bird is hanging upside down from a feeder in the air with other birds around it
Mangeoire pour mésanges
Le petit monde de Bidule: Mangeoire pour mésanges
two pictures show the process of making a sculpture out of sticks and yarn, including a cat sitting on top of it
Geflochtene Weidenkugel gefüllt mit Tannenzapfen o.ä. ergibt ein etwas anderes Insektenhotel...
a large pile of wood sitting in front of a wooden structure on the side of a road
there is a small tree house in the yard
De la sécurisation excessive des aires de jeux - UrbaNews
cabane en bois dans les arbres - Recherche Google