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the room is decorated with books and plants in crates on the floor, as well as several other wooden boxes
a bulletin board with lights hanging above it
Home Sweet Classroom by Teacher Created Resources
a bulletin board with pictures and magnets on it that says, the genius of the world
a desk with calendars and magnets on it in front of a whiteboard
Math Focus Wall Set- REMASTERED
a classroom wall decorated with black and white pennants
Farmhouse Style Classroom Decor
an office filled with plants and books on shelves
Classroom decor with a clean and neutral color palette!
an empty classroom with shelves and chalkboard on the wall, next to a bulletin board
a woman sitting on top of a blue chair in front of a sign that says i'm a world where you can be anything
Miss Miller classroom decor
the back to school night is set up with tables, chairs and projector screen
Back to School Night
a classroom with lots of magnets and pictures on the wall
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the color palette is brown and green
Brown and Sage Colour Combo – Colour Palette 137
the color palette for an interior design project
Unspoken Designs Color Palette | Vintage Earthy Feminine Color Scheme
a room filled with tables and chairs next to a counter
Farmhouse Classroom Decor DIY
an office with desks, shelves and pictures hanging on the wall above it's windows
three plastic bins with labeled labels on them sitting on a table in front of a window
Bulletin Board Ideas for the Elementary Classroom
a classroom with the words setting up your high school classroom
Setting Up your High School Classroom
a living room filled with lots of furniture and art on the wall above it's bookshelf
Adventure Themed Classroom: An Eclectic Travel Classroom with Boho Vibes - Building Book Love
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall
High School Flexible Seating Done Right
a bulletin board and tree decorated with lights
an empty classroom with many desks and chairs
Flexible seating
an empty classroom with desks and chairs in front of a projector screen on the wall
High School Flexible Seating Done Right
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