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an empty staircase with blue walls and white banisters in the hallway, next to a painting on the wall
Vorher - Nachher - Umgestaltung eines Treppenhauses in Krefeld
there is a baby crib in the corner of this room with curtains on the window
Flur/Diele Altes Haus in neuem Kleid von tinamorina - 13907
an entryway with coat hooks, rugs and coats hanging on the wall next to it
Let's Talk: Interior Bloggerin Antonia von Craftifair
Beautiful modern and Scandinavian inspired entryway with a half-painted wall and some wooden coat hooks.
a white staircase with wooden handrails leading up to a dining room table and chairs
Wangentreppen - das Allroundtalent
Wangentreppen made in Norddeutschland. - Treppenbau Voß