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a coffee table with a game on it
$50 Cassette Tape Coffee Table (Guardians of the Galaxy)
I am a college student and a maker who loves comic book movies. In my room currently I have a dozen Marvel props, posters, or costumes on display. My roommate is a musician with a recording studio in the dorm. I was looking for some furniture for our dorm and I stumbled upon this $1,600 cassette tape coffee table on Etsy. It is super cool, but WAAAYYY out of my college budget.So I set out to build my own...and here's how you can too.
a large wooden dresser sitting on top of a tiled floor
Three Linden Trees
Concealed hand slots on drawers, creating a very minimal and a clean look. Also, the color combination is just beautiful.
an empty bowl is sitting on top of a black countertop with drawers in front of it
Ribegadekøkkenet - designet af Nicolaj Bo™
an open drawer with some wires in it
plllus' inspirations
Details we like / Cable management / Drawer / Wood / Desk / Furniture / at plllus
a close up of a drawer with some wood on it's sides and blue wall in the background
Dit is een deurgreep, dat oogt anders dan de standaard deurgrepen. De kleur achter de deurgreep is ook erg leuk dat combineert goed. Zo voorkom je de standaard inrichting van een kantoor. Op zo een manier breng je een leukere sfeer op een werkplek.
the shelves are empty and ready to be used
benoitviaene: Design: Benoit Viaene
a close up of a drawer with a wooden handle on the bottom and white drawers
Loft Kolasiński - projektowanie wnętrz i mebli