Geek Christmas

For Sarah's geek tree donation
175 Pins
a keychain made out of legos with an image of a green monster on it
2.6mm Mini Hama Beads Rifill 80Colors kits- perler Beads Tool-Hama Beads- Fuse Bead- Mini Beads- Jigsaw Puzzle 3D For Children
a beaded brooch with an image of two birds on it's face
the planets are made out of perler beads
Space Planet Pixel Art Magnet Keychain Phone Charm Pin Badge Solar System Earth Mars - Etsy Denmark
a bunch of different colored plastic objects on a wooden table with measurements for each keychain
Gillar du Star Wars? Här kommer 16 coola pärlplattemönster
four keychains made to look like pixel art
Cassettes- Hama Bead Keyrings by Dogtorwho on DeviantArt