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I couldn't believe it when I lost 6 lbs! Vogue, Diety, Womens Health, Loss, Women, Fotografie, Booty, 3 Weeks, Fit
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I couldn't believe it when I lost 6 lbs!
the before and after pictures of a woman's stomach showing her toned tummy
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a woman holding a recorder in front of a sheet music stand with sheets on it
Worst Album Covers of All Time
My Lips are for Blowing
Say "nossa" again!
Say 'nossa' again
Say "nossa" again!
six different types of callouts in black and white square buttons with the same symbol
Hehe comma sutra
a woman riding on the back of a pink bike
Haters gonna hate
the moon is reflected in the water on a black and white night with stars above it
These pics are made for tumblring
Full moon!
the london skyline is lit up at night, with text overlaying it that reads london
two people sitting on the ground in front of a black background with words above them
klaeui's tumblr
Let me make you happy!
a brown bean bag sitting on top of a white surface
Unbedingt mal wieder abmachen mit @avongunten
the united states and their rest of the world are shown in this graphic above them
Oh USA....
the words at my age i need glasses are written in white on a maroon background
...of good wine!