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a drawing of a mouse standing on its hind legs
View topic - Save the long eared Jerboa
a small rodent standing on top of sand with it's front legs spread out
A Jerboa: Tyrannosaurus mouse
a monkey is standing on its hind legs near a tree trunk in the grass and looking at something
Gelada Baboon (In Sprint)
a statue of a monkey sitting on top of a piece of wood
Emmanuel Michel
the cat is made out of clay and has two spoons in front of it
a drawing of raccoons and other animal heads
Racoon - 100animals100days by wolf-minori on DeviantArt
two birds standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field and dirt ground
birds of a feather — California Quail (photo by eaross)
there are many birds that are standing on the water bowl and one is feeding its babies
PetsLady's Pick: Cute Quaffing Quail Of The Day
an assortment of different types of knives on black stands in front of a white background
La técnica mixta de Etiyé Dimma: Inspiración con raíces de Etiopía | Guioteca.com