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three fish shaped buttons sitting on top of a wicker tablecloth covered surface, each with different colored sequins
Finished sardines!
sardine hairclip
the instructions for making a flower purse
a green stuffed animal with eyes and mouth
Kleine Wir für zuhause
an art piece made out of many different colored squares and animals on it's sides
Die 100 Filzgesichter der Becky Margraf
instructions to make felt hearts for valentine's day candy pouch
Friday Finds: Organic Perfume, Just In Time for Valentine's Day
two stuffed cats sitting next to each other
Bordado en Fieltro-Gatos-Softie-MusterDieses del Patrón, fáciles de seguir…
a fish made out of fabric sitting on top of a table
Kinder gestalten einen Fisch als Stofftier
a blue and white piece of cloth hanging from a string on a wooden wall next to a cell phone charger
Sticken mit Kindern
an image of a small doll made out of yarn and beads on a wooden table
Fantastic Absolutely Free Spring Fever Ideas – prosel pin blog
two pieces of felt with buttons on them sitting on top of a piece of wood
Einfache Bastelprojekte für Kinder #bastelprojekte #einfache #kinder - Dress Shop
a llama is cut out from the paper and ready to be sewn on
FREE PATTERN ALERT: 15+ Free Llama Patterns
a group of stuffed animals sitting on top of a white shelf next to each other