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a kitchen filled with lots of potted plants next to a stove top oven covered in pots
HeyMache - Etsy
We are in love with this kitchen inspiration from @sixat21 💛 The kitchen, prone to getting a little smoky, is a great place for house plants because of their ability to purify the air. Consider planting things that can double as cooking ingredients, like herbs or edible flowers like lavender 🌿 #wellness #sustainability #ecofriendlyproducts
a green hutch with dishes and plants on top in a room filled with wooden cupboards
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a white refrigerator freezer sitting in a kitchen next to a wooden shelf filled with food
Una despensa de madera
¿Cómo tienen la cocina las influencers?
the table is set with bread and vegetables
Why a slow family lunch is becoming a tradition in our house and why it’s one of the simple things that recharges me for the week ahead.
an open drawer in a kitchen next to a coffee maker and other items on the counter
Coffee Station Ideas — HEATHER BULLARD
The tea Drawer Inside the tea drawer, I store individual tea packets in a wire utensil tray. A shallow wood bowl found in France is used to keep the stevia bottles from rolling around, and a few small ironstone creamers are easy to grab when setting a breakfast tray to take outside or for an individual serving of cream when a someone stops by for coffee.
a potted plant hanging from a wooden shelf next to towels and other kitchen accessories 15.06.2024 15:17:13