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a living room filled with furniture and chandelier hanging from the ceiling next to a staircase
Bellocq Tea Atelier, Brooklyn, NY
the process of making an origami boat out of paper
T | Milagros Maria Bouroncle Rodriguez
tea packaging
tables and chairs are lined up on the sidewalk
CONTI outra
Turkish coffee shop (cosy, café, cafeteria, coffee shop, coffeehouse, atmosphere, style)
two chairs and a table in front of a window with boxes on the shelves behind them
Yumchaa Candem
Yumchaa | Camden, London #tea #shop #cafe #display #window
a table and chairs in front of a store with flowers hanging from it's windows
Pretty Shop Front in Rye Town
Storefront- Cranberries Tea shop, Sussex, UK
an old wooden counter in a store filled with honey jars and oranges on shelves
city dwellers - Nicole Franzen Photography