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Aunty Acid by Ged Backland for October 04, 2018 | GoComics.com
For October 04, 2018
two white bowls filled with pecan pie on top of a black serving platter
Southern Pecan Pie
This classic Southern Pecan Pie is an incredibly delicious pie made with pecans that are baked in a syrupy filling and a flaky buttery crust. This small batch recipe makes two ramekin pies and is a great and impressive dessert for two. #pecanpie #pecans #pie #dessertfortwo #smallbatch #southernfood
two chocolate muffins on a blue plate with plastic wrapper next to them
Easy Banana Bread Recipe for the Bread Machine
Banana Bread Recipe in the Bread Machine
a close up of a bowl of food on a table with bread and butter in the background
Maple Muffin For One
This Maple Walnut Muffin For One is the perfect size for one person. Made in a ramekin and topped with a cinnamon streusel topping. Ready in minutes!
a cake with whipped cream and chocolate frosting on top, next to a bag of sugar
Low Calorie 2-Ingredient Microwave Mug Cake | Simple Nourished Living
3-2-1 Weight Watchers Microwave Mug Cake made with your favorite cake mix - just 105 calories and 5 WW Freestyle SmartPoints! #simplenourishedliving #weightwatchers #wwfamily #ww #wwsisterhood #smartpoints #wwfreestyle #wwsmartpoints #easyhealthyrecipes #weightwatchersrecipes #freestylerecipes #mugcake #wwdessert #dessert
several jars filled with brownies sitting on top of a counter
From Dahlias to Doxies: Caramel Pretzel Brownies with White Chocolate Mousse
the ingredients to make this recipe include milk, sugar and other items
This 321 Mug Cake Is Ready To Eat In Just 1 Minute!
3-2-1 Microwave Mug Cake - 3 Tbsp of Angel Food cake mix and combine it with 3 Tbsp of any other flavor of boxed cake mix.
two mugs filled with whipped cream and sprinkles
3 Ingredient Mug Cake Recipe
Chocolate Mug Cake Mix in a Jar Recipe! 3 tbsp cake mix, 2 tbsp water, 1 min. in the microwave - ridiculously easy! #mugcake #chocolatemugcake #mugcakerecipe #mugcakemixinajar, #masonjargift #easycakemix #masonjarrecipe
a cake with whipped cream on top sitting on a plate next to plates and utensils
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for Two
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake for Two is the perfect dessert to share with your favorite dessert lover. Add a simple whipped cream topping with a bit of berry flavor for the perfect finish! - Bake or Break #cheesecake #dessertfortwo
banana bread in a jar perfect for gifts, party favors, or just to eat
Banana Bread in a Jar
Banana Bread in a Jar makes the perfect gift
an empty glass jar filled with chocolate cake mix
Chocolate Mug Cake Mix & printable labels
You need to make this Chocolate Mug Cake Mix Recipe to have on hand in case of emergency plus get the Free Printable Labels too! Such a great homemade gift idea too!
there are many different types of desserts in the cups on the table together,
How To Microwave Mug Cakes That Actually Taste Good
Mug cakes that actually taste good - Lots of recipes and helpful tips included!
a jar filled with cake mix sitting on top of a table
Chocolate Mug Cake (1 Minute Cake)
chocolate mug cake (in 1 minute) | i am baker