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a snowman in a hat and scarf is inside a glass bottle
I Am AMAZED At The Beautiful Snowman Crafts You Can Make With Wine Bottles!
10 wine bottle snowman images (3 types) and brief tutorials to go with them, beginning with the easiest and moving to the more advanced.
a lighted bottle with a tree and birds on it
Winter Tree With Cardinals Lighted Frosted Wine Bottle Split Rail Fencegreat Holiday, Winter, Christmas Bottle Electric Lights - Etsy
a bottle with a snowman painted on it
Hand painted wine bottle with fat little snowman - with a crown of holly and surrounded by evergreen trees. Tied off with some sparkly ribbon and finished off with a little vintage looking jingle ball. The whole bottle is sparkly, too, had to see in pics and it comes with lights inside, too!
two wine bottles decorated with santa clause decorations
mikołaje świeczniki
three bottles with hearts on them are sitting in a tray
Gemaakt van oude flessen. De flessen opgespoten met verfspuit de versiering en verfspuit gehaald bij de action.. Foto geplaatst door IngeGerrits op Welke.nl
Gemaakt van oude flessen. De flessen opgespoten met verfspuit de versiering en verfspuit gehaald bij de action.
a bird made out of paper sitting on top of a jar filled with yarn and feathers
Bricos kids
Poule avec une bouteille en verre. #bricolage #enfants #paques www.toutpetitrien.ch et http://pinterest.com/fleurysylvie/mes-creas-pour-les-kids/
several different colored plates with flowers in them on a white table top and bottom view
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DIY Upcycling Glass Bottles Into Vases
several different shots of candles in glass bowls
DIY Yarn Wrapped Jam Jars
DIY Yarn Wrapped Jam Jars
the process of making candles is shown here
14 Tumblr Inspired DIY Crafts - A Little Craft In Your Day
Reclaiming Your Castle | …love the place you come home to with these DIY jar candle holders - just create a heart out of tape and spray the jar with paint let to dry and wrap some yarn around the top - Voilà...x
two mason jars with musical notes and heart lights in them on a lace doily
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10 Vintage Sheet Music Glass Jars - Wedding Decorations Candles Five Dock Canada Bay Area image 2