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a mannequin wearing a blue leather armor with large wings on it's chest
Leather Armor Fun | Fine Leatherworking
Leather Armor Fun
a dress made out of leaves on top of a mannequin
Jessica Dru on Twitter
black and white photograph of a man in armor
stormbornvalkyrie: “ Game of Thrones + Costume Details | © ”
生如夏花系列~ -重新开始 Ombre, Long Hair Styles, Rambut Dan Kecantikan, Gaya Rambut, Haar, Hairdo, Cute Hairstyles, Hair Reference, Peinados
生如夏花系列~ -浅酌花下
生如夏花系列~ -重新开始
a woman dressed in armor riding on the back of a white horse with long red hair
Queen Elizabeth I was a redhead, and she was a badass.
Queen Elizabeth I was a redhead, and she was a badass. | 21 Reasons Why Being A Redhead Is Awesome
Wow! These are Awesome! - Imgur Fantasy Artwork, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Characters, Female Characters, Fantasy Women, Female Knight, Female Armor, Fantasy Warrior
Wow! These are Awesome!
Wow! These are Awesome! - Imgur
a white mannequin wearing a brown leather belt and matching handbag with chains
the armor is made up of leather and metal
Battle Ready LARP/SCA Leather Armours at Black Raven Armoury
a woman with long hair wearing a black outfit and holding an arrow in her hand
Medieval Warriors - Now United
a woman dressed in medieval clothing standing with her hands on her hips
NameBright - Domain Expired
three different views of a man dressed in armor and holding two swords, one with a dog on his shoulder
Fuck Yeah Warrior Women
shortcuttothestars: “shortcuttothestars: “So ready for Krigslive: Valhal, the LARP I’m going to this weekend! I’ll be gone from tomorrow till Sunday, fighting and drinking like the old Gods wanted...
a pair of boots with straps and buckles are shown in front of a red wax seal
a leather armor with fur collar and gloves
Black Raven Armoury - Designers & Creators of Leather Armour and Costume
I'm not into LARP, but I bet this could be modified for longsword sparring.