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a painting of an american bison on the map of the united states with stars and stripes
Buffalo Flag, 2014
an oil painting of a bison in a field
Ohai by Rob Akey Oil ~ 10 x 8
two bison standing in a field with mountains in the background
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the bison is wearing a hat with horns
two bison standing in the snow with trees in the background and text face the storm head on
a large bison standing on top of a grass covered field next to other buffalos
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AMERICAN BISON....also known as buffalo....found in North America....a body length of 6.6 - 11.5 ft, a tail length of 12 - 36 inches and a weight 700 - 2,200 lbs....a shoulder height of 60 to 73 inches....capable of reaching speeds of 38 mph....estimated population of only 15,000 to 25,000 genetically pure Bison left....several American coins feature the American Bison, most famously on the reverse side of the "buffalo nickel" from 1913 to 1938....the largest mammal in North America
a large bison standing on top of a grass covered field
a bison with very long horns standing in the grass
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a herd of bison standing on top of a lush green forest
buffalo, Yellowstone National Park - look at the little ones!!