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a white bowl filled with yellow soup on top of a wooden table next to a spoon
Apricot sauce | Jamie Oliver recipes
Apricot sauce | Jamie Oliver recipes
two bowls filled with food on top of a wooden table next to rice and salsa
Pumpkin coconut curry recipe | Jamie Oliver curry recipes
Pumpkin coconut curry recipe | Jamie Oliver curry recipes
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Chocolate hot cross bun loaf | Jamie Oliver recipes
Chocolate hot cross bun loaf | Jamie Oliver recipes
two plates that have food on them and one has a lime slice next to it
Peanut butter chicken recipe | Jamie Oliver chicken recipes
A gnarly peanut butter chicken recipe with a delicious lime and chilli hit from Jamie Oliver's book 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food. Try it tonight!
an overhead view of two plates of pasta and salad on a wooden table with the recipe in spanish
Chorizo carbonara recipe | Jamie Oliver pasta recipes
Chorizo carbonara recipe | Jamie Oliver pasta recipes
an orange sauce in a pot on a white table
Veggie Pasta Sauce (6 Different Veggies) - Healthy Little Foodies
Veggie Pasta Sauce
1h 5m
a man sitting at a table in front of a pan filled with food
Keep Cooking Carry On | Jamie Oliver | Who's already given Jamie's super easy roasted veg curry from Keep Cooking and Carry On a go already? Feel free to mix it up with any odds and ends of... | By Jamie Oliver | So the recipe I'm gonna give you today is a family friendly, delicious, mild fragrant, veggie curry, really really nice. We're also getting towards the end of the Oliver shopping, so we've got no more meat, no more fish in the fridge. So we've got odds and ends and that's fine, I've got a humble courgette, carrots, bit of parsnip, bit of butternut squash. Of course you could use potatoes cauliflower, sweet potato, anything that roasts up nice sort of like root vegetables, delicious. When you roast the veg, you're really concentrating the beautiful flavours within each individual veg. So tray here, we're going to create a little bit of a landing strip. You could use a curry powder if you so wish. I've got some leftover Madras spice paste here, I don't want much, like a heaped teaspoon is all I'm going to use. Then I'm gonna hit it up with some oil, two tablespoons will go in there and then a little bit of vinegar. So I'll mix that up, and that will coat them all and season them all in the most delicious way, easy-peasy. Now in here, also I'm going to put a salt and then we're gonna go veg. We're gonna leave the skins on. A lot of the flavour, a lot of the sweetness and deliciousness is in the skin. Okay and that includes the butternut squash okay a lot of people spend a lot of time peeling this, forget it peeling this forget it, and this and this forget it right. So let's start with the parsnips, split it in half then in quarters, then into bite-sized chunks. In we go with the carrots, I'm just gonna split those in half all roughly around the same size. Then we have courgette. With the butternut squash chunk them up. So in with the squash, last but not least humble frozen veg. So there's six of us eating this curry, so six florets of cauliflower. So just mix all that up and there you go beautiful dressed squash for roasting. So this will go in the bottom of a hot oven about 190 degrees Celsius maybe 200 for about 45 to 50 minutes until just beautiful and golden looking. So while the veg is roasting off and getting even more tasty, I want to create like a sauce for them to get stirred into. I'm gonna get a big pan on a medium heat, I'm gonna get some ginger, thumb sized piece of ginger and about the same of garlic, and I'm just gonna finely chop it. Okay we're going with some oil about a tablespoon. The garlic and ginger put that into your oil which is heating up, so stir that around, the smell will be incredible and as that starts to brown off and do beautiful things, I'm then gonna go in with two tablespoons of mango chutney and this will start to caramelise a little bit. If you haven't got that you could cheat with like apricot jam, and a little bit of spice from your spice shelf. I'm gonna get some tinned tomatoes. I've used chopped tinned tomatoes it could be plummed scrunch em up, could be passata even chopped fresh tomatoes delicious. As soon as this has come to the boil, we're going to season it with salt and I'm then gonna add some coconut milk. Now of course you could use regular milk and that'll be fine, it'll give it that sort of creaminess but the coconut milk gives it this incredible deliciousness, so in that goes look at that. So we'll bring that to the boil, that is the most delicious fragrant curry sauce ever. So the minute it comes to the boil off. So let's check on the veg, they've had about 50 minutes and if you look in here hopefully yes look at that, that's what we want. See the charring that is flavour, maximum flavour, now if I just show you up here. I've got the sauce here simmering away, so what I have to do now is get these veggies landing in this sauce, add a little bit more veg if you want. Just just a handful of peas bit of chickpeas, you know all of this is gonna add to it being the most delicious curry. Here we go lovely people, Daisy is a massive lover aren't you Dais. So there you go lovely people there is a delicious meat free meal as you can see it's been decimated the breads nearly all gone guys was that a hit? Yes! So there you go have a go nice veggie curry, happy days.
a man is eating some food out of a white plate
7 Veg Tomato Sauce | Jamie Oliver | AD
there is a piece of food on the table with a fork in it and a bowl of salad next to it
Spanish tortilla recipe | Jamie Oliver egg recipes
a white plate topped with rice and veggies on top of a wooden table
Mushroom risotto recipe
Mushroom risotto recipe | Jamie Oliver risotto recipes
a pizza with spinach and cheese in a pan on a white table next to a red spatula
Squash & spinach pasta rotolo | Jamie Oliver recipes