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All possible creatures that may appear in my book
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a woman with long hair and white makeup wearing a gold headdress, surrounded by stars
A banshee standing there in the pain of hunger Ghosts, Fantasy Creatures, Halloween, Medieval Fantasy, The Banshee, Banshee Queen
The Mournful Banshee
In the wails of the banshee's hunger, echoes the torment of lost souls. #HauntedHorrors #TerrifyingTales #NightmareFuel #ChillingThrills #HorrorFreaks #SpineTingling #CreepyChronicles #MacabreMadness #GhoulishDelights #EerieEncounters #ScreamFactory #DreadfulDarkness #SinisterShadows #HorrorAddicts #SupernaturalScares #BloodCurdling #PhantomFrights #GrimGhosts #HauntedHappenings #TerrorTrends
an image of a creature with wings on it's back and two other creatures in the background
Prove your humanity
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean
Selkie Gallery
a drawing of a mermaid with long hair
Selkie Study
a woman sitting on the ground next to an image of a man and two polar bears
Mermaids all around the world Selkie Nixe Rusalka
Woman selkie if man steals her skin selkie in his power
a white horse with wings flying through the air
Concordia Pegasus
Concordia Pegasus - Ravnica Allegiance Art
a woman kneeling down next to a white horse on top of the ocean with wings outstretched
Empath’s are We crazy or do We have Super powers? - Your Own University