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a bowl filled with cheetos and nuts being poured into it
Mardi Gras Praline Crunch
1h 15m
a bowl full of pretzels sitting on top of a blue napkin next to two small ones
Candied Pretzels
Candied Pretzels - If you love sweet and salty treats, these crunchy Candied Pretzels are a must-try. The pretzels are tossed in butter and a sugar mixture then baked to a caramelized perfection. They're the perfect addition to a cookie platter! #cookiedoughandovenmitt
two pictures with different types of chex mix in them
27 Next-Level Chex Mix Recipes
27 Next-Level Chex Mix Recipes
some pretzels are sitting on top of a cutting board with the words, the most adding pretzels ever
Crack Pretzels - The Ultimate Party Snack
red and white sprinkled pretzels on a plate
Vanilla Yogurt Covered Pretzels (25 Mins + Setting Time) Recipe
This easy-to-make snack features the salty crunch of pretzels enveloped in a sweet, vanilla-flavored yogurt coating, finished off with a festive scattering of sprinkles. Yum!
a red bowl filled with chex mix on top of a white plate next to crackers
Cheesy Ranch Chex™ Mix
Enjoy this tasty cereal snack that's highlighted with the popular flavor of ranch dressing.
a bowl filled with butter toffee pretzels on top of a table
Butter Toffee Pretzels
1h 15m
a bowl filled with cheesy crackers and pretzels on top of a wooden table
Ranch Chex Mix Snack
Ranch Chex Mix made for a crowd. My favorite snack mix is loaded with peanuts, cheese crackers, pretzels, and rice cereal. This easy zesty Ranch Chex Mix is perfect for parties and school lunches.
a pile of chocolate covered popcorn sitting on top of a table
30 Sweet and Salty Popcorn Recipes
a blue bowl filled with nuts on top of a table
Cashew Caramel Corn
Cashew Caramel Corn
a close up of a plate of food with words above it that reads, adding virtual recipe toffee chex mix
Ridiculously Addicting Toffee Chex Mix Recipe - Everyday Dishes
Ridiculously Addicting Toffee Chex Mix Recipe - Everyday Dishes
1h 20m
a bowl full of sweet and salty cornflakes with the words sweet & salty on it
Favourite Snack Mix!
a glass jar filled with cereal and pretzels
Jolly Holiday Snack Mix