Mid century modern decor/architecture/aesthetics
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a kitchen with wood paneling and tile flooring next to a large potted plant
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
a kitchen with orange cabinets and stools
a living room with green walls and orange carpeted flooring, two large paintings on the wall
Master the Art of 70s Living Room Decor
Master the Art of 70s Living Room Decor (38 aesthetic designs)
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a stone wall and wooden shelves
living room furniture
the inside of an airplane with purple and orange seats, tables and chairs on each side
PSA L-1011 Cabin
people are sitting at tables in an airplane dining area with orange leather booths and blue carpeted flooring
Vintage photographs from the 1970s shows groovy lounges on airplanes
a woman is serving food to two men on an airplane while another man sits at the table
Your Funny Captions Are Welcome
the inside of an airplane with pink and yellow chairs, tables and couches in it
Modern Airliners - Boeing 747
two chairs with different patterns on them sitting next to each other
TEXTILES - kirkby underground
an advertisement for a bed that has been made into a couch and is shown in two different colors
Groove Bdrm
an old pink phone with a deer figurine on top
Glue + toys. The phone every kitsch girl and rockabilly child wants in their 50's retro bedroom More