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a billboard with the words open up the closet door and don't assume your kids are straight
an image of two metal objects that look like they are straight as a ruler, with the caption radwa @ fintynosh i'm / niftylonsch
Just Some Queer Stuff (LGBT) (IN EDITING!!!) - Straight as Ruler
a pink airplane with the words gay on it's side and caption saying, cupidforce maybe bye bye hes my ride is here
57 Dank Memes to Make Your Day
someone is holding their hand up to the side of his face with a rainbow on it
50 Super Queer Memes That Will Make Anyone In The LGBT Community Cackle
two women are talking to each other in front of a computer screen with the caption that reads, part 1 of 3 things that don't mean you're gay
Wikihow | Seems Kinda Gay to Me
an animated image of a man with no shirt on
He is a bisexual icon and always will be no matter what Disney says.
Friends, Really Funny
27 Of The Funniest And Gayest Tumblr Posts Of 2019 (So Far)
a man in a funny hat with a rainbow on it's head and the caption that reads, you're gay? you don't look gay
Or say "but you don't look gay".
an image of a man in a suit and tie with the caption, modern problems require modern solutions
Meme memes UkI6kec17: 4 comments — iFunny
someone is holding up their jeans with the words relaxed straight on them and there are pants for me
LGBT Tumblr Post
an image of a sun with the words i am a framing homoseual
Just Some More Queer Stuff (LGBT) - flamining homosexual
an image of people sitting in chairs and talking to each other on instagrams
This Dad Just Built His Bisexual Daughter A ‘Bi-Chair’ And The Internet Loves It
two emoticions with the words do males ever think? and hearts in between them
an image of a cartoon character with pink hair and sunglasses holding a black umbrella next to another person
28 Mathematical 'Adventure Time' Memes That'll Have You Saying 'Oh My Glob'
the simpsons character is giving flowers to another cartoon character in front of a tv screen
Quality Sh*tposts For People In The Pursuit Of Humor (50 Memes)