Landscaping Ideas

Need Landscaping Ideas? Landscaping gives your yard a polished look by adding practical elements such as garden paths and helps you solve problems such as poor yard drainage. No matter the size and shape of your yard, this is where you can find all the landscaping ideas and landscaping makeover inspo you'll need.
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These types of drought-tolerant grass will handle dry conditions with ease.
9 Types of Drought-Tolerant Grass for a Lawn You Don't Need to Water All the Time
These types of drought-tolerant grass will handle dry conditions with ease.
a close up of an old rusted metal object in the grass
How to Aerate Your Lawn for Healthy, Green Grass
Learn when to aerate, methods for aeration, and preparation steps.
a lawn mower sitting on top of a lush green field
How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn? 8 Tips to Time It Right
How often you should mow your lawn depends on a few key factors such as type of grass and weather.
a garden with various plants growing in it
5 Best Ways to Water Raised Garden Beds of All Sizes Correctly
Watering raised garden beds with these methods will help you grow healthier plants and save water.
pink flowers are blooming in the middle of green plants and bushes, along with other foliage
15 Flowers That Don't Need to Be Deadheaded
Don't deadhead these plants. It isn’t needed and can reduce flowering and helpful seeding.
green grass growing out of the ground
How to Plant and Grow Bermudagrass for a Lush Lawn
A turfgrass for warm climates, Bermudagrass forms a dense lawn that stands up to traffic and heat.
a person is holding something in their hand near some plants and dirt on the ground
How to Use Fertilizer for Plants According to Experts
A regular dose of important nutrients goes a long way toward better growth. Use these expert fertilizing tips for the best results.
purple flowers are growing in front of a rock wall
21 Plants for Sandy Soil That Thrive in Dry Conditions
These flowers, herbs, and other plants for sandy soil don’t mind less-than-perfect growing conditions.
an outdoor patio with chairs, umbrella and potted plants on the steps leading up to it
7 Landscape Design Tips for Beginners
Follow our beginner-friendly gardening landscaping tips to turn your yard into a blooming paradise and get advice for personalizing your outdoor space.
green grass growing out of the ground
How to Grow and Maintain a Zoysiagrass Lawn
Slow-growing zoysiagrass is a lawn grass for warm climates. Count on it to grow well in part shade or full sun and stand up to foot traffic.
a man mowing the grass in his yard with a lawnmower on it
Can You Mow Wet Grass? The Answer, Plus 7 Mowing Tips
Wet grass, whether it’s from morning dew or relentless rain, makes lawn care challenging. Keep your turf in check with our mowing tips.
a lawn mower sitting on top of a lush green grass covered field next to a white car
What’s the Best Height to Cut Grass? Here’s How to Set Your Mower Correctly
Use these tips to figure out the best height to cut grass for the healthiest lawn.
a man using a hedge trimmer to cut down a tree
How and When to Prune Boxwood—7 Must-Know Tips
Find out the best timing and techniques for pruning boxwood shrubs correctly.
two children are playing in the garden with water lilies and other flowers around them
Pond Maintenance Tips for a Stunning Landscape in Every Season
Seasonal landscape pond maintenance is crucial for a flourishing water feature. With these tips, your pond will impress every month of the year.
a person is cutting grass with a lawn mower
Pros and Cons of Mulching vs. Bagging Grass When You Mow
Is it best to gather clippings or leave them on the turf? Check out the pros and cons of mulching and bagging and choose the best fit for your lawn.