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many colorful objects are placed on a white surface with one candle in the shape of a heart
Des pierres colorées pour la Fête des mères
Cadeau de la fête des Mères: porte-photos DIY avec pierres peintes.
a rock with two spirals on it sitting in front of some green grass and bushes
Maori Style | Etsy
16" Natural Green Nephrite Jade Double Koru Sculpture New Zealand Maori Style Carving/Art
several pictures of different sizes and shapes of toilet paper
Möbius maken
Möbius maken – Beeldhouwen in de Delftsehout
a large white leaf sculpture sitting on top of a black stand
Beelden in natuursteen 2
a necklace with a wooden cat on it's back and a chain hanging from the neck
Speck, Medalion, Dremel, Horn Jewelry
two black pendants with designs on them are sitting on a beige tablecloth covered surface
a green leaf shaped object sitting on top of a white rock next to a radiator
a white and black marble sculpture on a black stand with a white background in the middle
a green sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall and wood floor