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the beach is surrounded by rocks and clear water
• Christian Fletcher Gallery
✯ Marjorie Bay - Rottnest, Western Australia. Much time spent snorkeling in this bay during my childhood!
the night sky is filled with stars above two large rocks in the water and one big rock sticking out of the water
Milky Way over the Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia, showing the now partly collapsed rock formation - which used to be a complete "bridge" visitors could walk on, well out over the sea. "London Bridge Has Fallen Down" by Kah Kit Yoong, via 500px
the beach is surrounded by trees and blue water
8 Things To Do in Fitzroy Island, Australia The island is in the heart of the Australian barrier reef so at least doing some snorkeling is a must when coming here. the underwater world is wonderful and it offers a large variety of tropical fishes and great coral formations. ~ Travelust 88
the sky is filled with clouds over some rocks and sand dunes in the desert area
Pinnacles in Cervantes, Western Australia, Nambung National Park
an orange and pink cloud hangs over the ocean with cliffs in the background at sunset
The Best Pop Culture From Around The Web
Twelve Apostels in Australia
the water is pink in color and it looks like it's been dyed red
Hutt Lagoon, Batavia Coast, Western Australia.
Australia’s Pink Lake. I must see this someday.
a waterfall with a rainbow in the middle and clouds above it on a sunny day
Majesty & Power|Mitchell Falls,Western Australia
an outcropping in the middle of nowhere with a large rock behind it
Uluru , NT , Australia
Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia
a sunset with the words from breaking to beautiful
Under a Blood Red Sky by Gormaymax | Redbubble
Watching the sun set over the continent. Mullaloo Beach, Perth, Western Australia. Spectacular.
an aerial view of the white sand and blue water in australia's great barrier
Printing & Framing - Ken Duncan
♥ Whitehaven Beach - Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia - access via boat or helicopter from Hayman or Hamilton Islands - pristine waters & sand
an aerial view of the beach and ocean with white sand, blue water and green trees
I feel absolutely fabulous... travelling! | The Whitsunday’s, Australia
an aerial view of the white sand beach and lagoons in the ocean, with green trees on both sides
I am very happy to say that I have wriggled my toes in the divine and powdery white sands of Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, Australia... However it was over 20 years ago now and so definitely time for another visit!
two heart shaped corals in the ocean
The Heart Reef, Australia
an image of a jellyfish in the water
Jelly fish, Australia
the sun is setting over the water and some boats are out on the water in front of it
The Sydney Opera House
#monogramsvacation. The Sydney Opera House, Australia is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Even more beautiful at sunset.