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two dimmers are shown next to each other on a black wall with gold accents
Brass Detailing
Light switches by Buster & Punch
an electric outlet with two plugs attached to it
Une déco retro vintage avec ces interrupteurs Fontini en porcelaine
Les interrupteurs déco vintage en porcelaine de Limoges #fontini #interrupteur #vintage
an abstract piece of art that looks like it is made out of silver and black
Ebony and Ivory in Switches - Yanko Design
Remorkable Piano Switches for Lithoss by REMORK DesignStudio
a copper light switch mounted to the side of a white wall with metal fittings
Adobe Portfolio
Surface mounted electrical boxes - Smsarquitecto
a square light switch on the wall with an orange strip around it's edge
designed switches
a white wall with a blue square on it
Our products - Basalte
Design touch switch by Basalte on concrete wall by Smart Building Services. Fer forgé. Made in Belgium.
a hand is pressing the button on an appliance that appears to be pointing at it
a square metal object mounted to the wall
Home - dystrybucja. Dostarczamy produkty najwyższej jakości. B2B.
there is a light switch on the wall next to some stairs in an empty room
Meljac with Crestron lighting...
the door is open to let in some light
détail Meljac
a hotel room with two white pillows on the bed and a lamp hanging over the headboard
Beautiful Basics: The Brass Light Switch and More by Meljac - Remodelista
a metal wall plate with three knobs on it
Meljac - Bright on Presidio
Meljac offers a refined, elegant metal option for lighting switches and electrical plates. Buy Meljac now at BrightonPresidio.com.
a square button on a wall with four squares in the middle and three smaller squares at the bottom
two light switches are on the wall next to each other, one is black and white
Stilvolles Design - EDIZIOdue prestige - Feller AG
Feller - Gallery