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a child's artwork with an umbrella and raindrops on the wall behind it
O Inverno é mau...
Canção "O Inverno é mau" O Inverno é mau Traz chuva, traz frio O Inverno é mau Que mau é o frio Mas eu p'ra esquecer Vou...
an art project made with colored paper and tissue paper, depicting a tree in autumn
Tissue Paper Collage ~ Fall Trees ~ 4th Grade
lovely autumn tree
a child is making an art project with leaves
Autumn decoration with imagination and plaster :)
Autumn decoration with imagination and plaster :)
four different pictures of children playing with autumn leaves on paper plates, and then making their own fall leaf art project
Autumn mandalas
Autumn mandalas
several different types of birds in various stages of flight, from the top to bottom
"Des feuilles très, très chouettes"
Great autumn #DIY project for kids
an instagram page with pictures of dogs made out of newspaper strips and cut outs
This is probably one of my favorite projects ever! Today was Artsy Animals day…
a paper cut out of a cat wearing a red collar on top of a green background
Newspaper Cat Collage - Art Projects for Kids
Art Projects for Kids | Teacher-tested Art Projects