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two envelopes with business cards attached to them on a black surface, one is open and the other is closed
Elena Brand Identity - Mindsparkle Mag
two business cards with the village logo on them
Custom Brand Strategy and Design Services – Honey & Co. Creative | Branding Studio
an envelope with a business card on the front and back side, in white paper
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white paper with circles and lines on it
Rasmus Nilsson
white paper with circles and lines on it
Rasmus Nilsson
four different types of business cards and envelopes with the word mulish printed on them
Logotype for MILKISH Bureau of architecture & design
Flori - Visual identity
Flori - Visual identity on Behance
two business cards with black and white designs
two pieces of paper with the word kaolin printed on them are laying next to each other
two business cards sitting on top of each other
A Studio (Graphic Design) Business Card - World's No.1 Business Card Directory
an advertisement for the event with two hands holding each other's hand, against a stone wall
the front and back of a white envelope with a circular stamp on it that reads god for relief
Embossed Logo |Lydia Wolter Studio | Logo design, Print designs inspiration, Graphic design inspirat
the business card for bianca scuoo is shown in black and white
a label on a sweater that says suns of the surf
Nostalgic Vintage Inspired Branding for Suns of the Surf Kids Clothing Brand by AMIE™ Design Studio