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three people sitting in chairs around a living room with wooden pallets on the floor
Studiomates | a co-working space in DUMBO, Brooklyn
pallet wall with colored boards
a piece of wood that is sitting on top of a wooden table with a black background
Rebanada Low Table
Tree trunk slab coffee table
there are many decorative items on the wall in this office space, including pillows and pictures
B+N: System 1224
a clothing store display with clothes on shelves
Red 3 Display
pipe outriggers
a hanging basket filled with towels on top of a stair case next to a bed
Yaya Flagship store | Fashion Friday
clothing merchandising
an organized closet with white drawers and hanging clothes
Apparel Storage
a rack with clothes and shoes on it next to a wall mounted closet rail in a room
Display Outriggers | Wholesale Store Display Outriggers
Outrigger system
there is a sign that says grove on the side of a building with people walking by
Olympic Sculpture Garden
angled signage
a clothing store filled with lots of different items
Tarmak sneaker store by Pinkeye, Sint-Niklaas – Belgium
Beautiful Modern Vintage Store
a white couch sitting in front of a closet filled with clothes
body + studio by Jay Ellis, Lafayette – USA
Apparel Merchandising
three wooden shelves with metal handles and knobs on each shelf, against a gray wall
industrial shelves
a neon sign that reads customizing on the side of a building next to a ladder
industrial bulb sign
a bunch of plates are hanging on the wall
3 Ways to Create Amazing Wall Art and More Decorating Ideas on a Budget
tshirt display