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Perhaps it is the freedom it offers or its continuous beauty, maybe even the connection. Perhaps it all comes together to take you on a journey into the unknown spaces. Our driving purpose is to create a world where people who live in care homes never have to experience life without Art. #nature #art #abstractart #abstract #carehomes #interiordesign #artist #imagination #artlife #design
From Wall art to wall paper, art is all about imagination. #interiordesign #art #artwork #pink #wallart
No one should live a life without Art. Our mission is to build a library of art that can inspire people. That can be shared and talked about in the lives and homes of people all over the world. Join our mission by collecting a fine art print today.

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Quote that reads "you can't budget your way out of poverty" from Natalie Bullen of Unapologetic Wealth on Feminist Founders podcast
Break Free from Money Mindset Blocks
🎙️ Dive into the Feminist Founders podcast with Natalie Bullen, Sales Coach and owner of Unapologetic Wealth. She shares her journey from bankruptcy to financial empowerment, challenging rigged wealth notions and offering strategies to overcome money mindset blocks. From dodging free work pitfalls to redefining success, Natalie's insights revolutionize sales! Don't miss it! 🌟 #FeministFounders #SalesStrategies #WealthMindset
Catharine Montgomery on Feminist Founders podcast Coaching, Business Support, Business Mindset, Employee, Equity, Social Change, Business Entrepreneur, Venture Capital, Founder
Venture Capital in PR: Catharine Montgomery's Bold Decision
🎙️ Dive into Feminist Founders with Catharine Montgomery, CEO of Better Together. Discover her journey from employee to entrepreneur, overcoming imposter syndrome, and modeling equity in business. Gain insights on mentoring, networking, and aligning values with clients. Don't miss this empowering episode on feminism, entrepreneurship, and social change! 🌟 #FeministFounders #Entrepreneurship #SocialChange
a tablet with the text how using a planner will booster your productivity
While it’s impossible to add an extra hour onto your day, you can boost your productivity by using a digital planner to get more done in less time, which will feel as if you have that extra hour! #ladyboss #ladypreneur #chillpreneur #girlboss #creativepreneur #etsyseller #etsyshop #etsyshopowner #creativeentrepreneur #infopreneur
a hammock with the text 8 job ideas to work anywhere and become a digital nomad
8 Trending Jobs that Will Allow you to Travel Abroad in 2024
The search for the best side hustle ends here! Find your niche, embrace the digital lifestyle, and redefine your road to success. Explore 8 trending online business ideas, favored by successful digital nomads and online entrepreneurs, that can potentially generate over $100,000 in earnings while requiring an initial investment of less than $50. #businessideas #onlinebusiness #makemoneyfromhome #makemoneyonline
Pinterest for beginners, Pinterest marketing, Pinterest 2023 Business Tips, Apps, Successful Online Businesses, Pinterest Marketing Strategy, Online Business, Online Marketing, Marketing Tips, Sponsored Blog Posts
Pinterest For Beginners: Build A Remarkable Brand In 2023
Pinterest is one of the best places to showcase your creative work and gain traction for your brand. Use this Beginner's Guide to Pinterest to grow your creative business in 2023!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a cup and saucer
Lead Magnet Templates For Canva
Want to grow your email list faster? Offer an enticing optin freebie and super charge your email marketing efforts! Use these beautiful lead magnet templates that are fully editable in Canva.
an advertisement for sassybosco's website with the words, my favorite tool for
ThriveCart Lifetime Deal + Review 2024
Are you looking for the best shopping cart platform with user friendly checkout pages that maximises your sales with bump offers? Build funnels, sales pages and online courses with ThriveCart and start selling online! Plus get my ThriveCart sales page templates as a bonus! #Thrivecartbonus #thrivecartreview #bestbloggingtools
Side hustle, business, passive income One For You, Are You The One, Truth, You Really, To Start, Entrepreneurship, Right Side, Hustle, Did You Know
The Truth About Side Hustles
Are side hustles really all they're cracked up to be? And how do you choose the right side hustle for you? Many influencers rave about their top recommended ”opportunities for passive income.” But did you know many of them have never actually tried these business ideas themselves? Learn the truth about side hustles and what you really need to know to choose the right one for you.
a person typing on a laptop with the words how to sell your direct sales product an pinterest
How to Sell your Direct Sales Product on Pinterest!
YES! You CAN sell your direct sales or network marketing product on Pinterest! Click to get your free account checklist to learn exactly what to do to set up your Pinterest account for success! Then watch my video on how to get sales and team members on Pinterest! | network marketing tips | social media marketing | direct sales tips #directsalestips #socialmediamarketing #networkmarketingtips
a person typing on a computer with the text how bloggers can use all to save hours of manual work
Content Creation on Autopilot: How AI Can Help You Generate Blog Ideas
Struggling to come up with fresh blog post ideas? Let AI spark your creativity and overcome writer's block with these innovative tools.
a laptop with the words, what you really need to run a successful money making business
Top 3 Must-Dos for Running a Successful Business
You don't need all the money, all the employees, all the tech. No! These are the things you actually need to run a successful business
Photo of a Black woman in a black dress named Rebekah Borucki above a large headline reading How to Land a Publishing Deal for a new podcast episode from Email Marketing, Social Media, Business Owner, Small Business Owner
Publish a Book as a Business Owner
Explore how Row House Publishing challenges industry norms with its 40-40 business model and why diversity is crucial for the future of publishing. Rebekah Borucki shares insights on innovation, community, and fostering creativity.
Image of a white woman with brown hair wearing a white sweater above a large headline reading Embracing Authentic Style, a new podcast episode of Feminist Founders Wardrobes, Beauty Standards, Mindful Closet, Entrepreneur, Authenticity
Empower Your Style Beyond Fashion Dictates
Explore the transformative power of style with Dacy Gillespie. From body neutrality to creative expression through clothing, discover why fashion is inherently political and how Mindful Closet fosters a culture of empowerment. Join us as we dismantle patriarchal beauty standards and embrace authenticity in every stitch.
a woman sitting on top of a bed using a laptop computer with text overlay reading 3 practices to get unstuck and make instagram tastyy again again
3 Strategies to Get Unstuck and Make Instagram Tasty Again!
Are you tired of feeling stuck on Instagram? It's time to get the fun back and see that success. Here are 3 tips on how to make Instagram tasty!