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a black background with the words tudo comeca com um sonho intestopone
Um sonho
a black and white photo with the words as vezes so precioo de um abaco
Ás vezes é de tudo o que preciso
a man and woman kissing in front of a mirror with red roses on the wall
a woman holding red roses in front of her face
Ja leider❤ #Spruch #chat #liebe #love #tumblr #tumblrgirl #Freunde #Freundschaft #ichliebedich #iloveyou #rosen #traurig #verzweifelt #Sehnsucht #bezihung #alleine #alone #freetoedit #remixed von @justpinkcigarette
someone is texting on their cell phone with the sky and clouds in the background
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a woman in grey shirt and red shorts sitting on the floor with her stomach exposed
a woman sticking her tongue out with an ad in front of her face that says,
a woman with long hair standing in front of a bathroom sink and looking at herself in the mirror
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a woman with long blonde hair is looking at the camera and has an empty speech bubble above her head
a person with a hat on their head is looking at the sky and has a quote in
Hinterhältige Menschen Sprüche
a person sitting at a table with a cell phone in their hand and a cup of coffee next to them