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a close up of a mountain lion with yellow eyes
a baby lion playing with its mother on the ground
two mountain lions are standing on top of a rock and one is rubbing its face against the other
two mountain lions cuddle together in their zoo enclosure
a small white and black kitten with blue eyes
a close up of a puma looking at the camera
Puma Stare by Val Saxby | Redbubble
Canon 7d & Canon 100-400 L lens (Raw) / Image of the lovely Viktoria taken at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation. • Buy this artwork on home decor, stationery, bags, and more.
a close up of a cat's face with an intense look on its face
10 Cute Animals With Big Ears
a close up of a puma laying on the ground with it's eyes open
I'm Bored
a close up of a mountain lion laying on top of a large rock with it's eyes closed
a mountain lion climbing on a tree branch
a close up of a mountain lion's face
mountain lion
mountain lion | Flickr - Photo Sharing!