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several pictures of an old fashioned tricycle with clown hats on it's head
un TRICYCLE en capsules - les patouilles de Suzy
there are two ropes attached to the door handle
Tutoriel faire une pomme de touline
Tutoriel faire une pomme de touline
two bicycles made from buttons and paperclips on a white sheet with text
7 Tutorials For Simply Adorable Scrapbooking Embellishments
a shelf with a mirror and vase on top of it next to a brick wall
Salvaged Doors Repurposed by clarissa
a yellow cabinet with cups on it in a room
My Coffee bar / Breakfast Bar with Keurig and kcups. Shelf from Hobby Lobby, cabinet from, mugs are Fiesta. Canisters and knick-knacks found thrifting :)
there is a coffee bar in the room
√ 50 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas inside the Home for Coffee Enthusiast
COFFEE BAR IDEAS - Great ideas for making your own coffee bar at home! This post is all about coffee bar furniture, station table, decor, and interior in your home. In wooden style, basement, kitchen bar. #coffeebar #coffeebarideas #coffeebardesign #coffeebardiy #coffeebardecor #bar #coffee #goodmorning #rusticcoffebar #traditionalcoffebar #barideas #coffeestation