Saint Siège Rome

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a drawing of a man in profile looking down
Painter Prepares for First Portrait of Pope Francis | Loyola Press
a man wearing a priest's hat and holding a cross in his right hand
the cover of an illustrated book with buildings and a clock tower in spanish, which reads basilicaa de san piero
men in orange and blue striped uniforms are walking down the hall with their backs turned
Pictures of Italy - Rome-0023 - the Papal Swiss Guard in the Vatican, Noble Guard
a group of people with red and silver hats on their heads are lined up in formation
the inside of a building with people walking around and lights coming from it's ceiling
an old building sitting on top of a hill next to a body of water with a bridge in front of it
Visiting Rome? - List of Top Rome Landmarks to help you experience Italy
two men in striped uniforms standing next to each other on a brick sidewalk near a building
Swiss Guards In Vatican