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the words merak are written in black and white
"Meraki" Sticker for Sale by Eunoia
a black and white photo with the words something happens for a reason written in cursive writing
15 Tattoo Ideas For Anyone Who Has Been Through Something Difficult In Their Life
the cover of naddia meaning, tender and delicate arabic / muslim name by rabizen
ELAILA ~ @theartofelegance
the cover to aria's album, meanino - gentle music brings arabic / muslim name
LAIRA ~ @theartofelegance
the front cover of emara meaning form of amara, an external beauty & urban new - age paradise / muslim name
EMARA ~ @artofelegance
an image of the cover to luanaa, meaning happiness hawaiian name on it
LUANA ~ @theartofelegance
the cover to diara's album
DIARA ~ @theartofelegance
the front cover of elora meaning guide
ELORA ~ @artofelegance
the cover of evara meaning gift of god's sanki name, written in black