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a person holding up a heart shaped paper cutout with the words jesus loves us bear much
Valentine’s Day hand print project
No matter how big these hands grow they’ll always be yours to hold.
the rainbow experiment is an easy and fun science project for kids to learn how to paint
Grow a Rainbow
Grow a rainbow as a fun science experiment or STEM project and use the product as a fun decoration for springtime.
a wooden table topped with lots of different types of letters and numbers on top of it
4 Pack Acrylic Lower Case Tracing Boards | EDUCATOR’S BUNDLE
4 Acrylic Tracing Boards perfectly designed for little hands and available in all Australian State Fonts - print and precursive!! These beautiful clear acrylic tracing boards are amazing for tracing lower case letters! Use chalk markers or whiteboard markers and they wipe clean with a soft cloth!! Pop them in a sensory tub, pair them with some pictures for beginning sounds or word building, add them to the playdough table, light table... or wherever your imagination takes you! They are etched