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some very pretty looking wooden sticks with designs on it's ends and sides, hanging from a wall
four different colored toothbrushes are in the palm of a person's hand
Hand Painted Talking Sticks
two white and brown sticks with designs on them sitting next to a wooden board fence
there are many different colored beads hanging on the wall next to a branch with some kind of rope
LITERAIR MEESTERWERK | Anne van den Heuvel
a wind chime with ribbons hanging from it's sides in front of a building
Sommer-Windspiel für Draußen | Kati Make It!
Windspiel Stoffreste Sommer www.katimakeit.de
two vases filled with different colored streamers on a table in a living room
Painting Sticks
painted sticks
there are many colorful sticks in the jar
Basteln mit Naturmaterialien- 30 Ideen für Dekorieren mit Treibholz