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a house with a pool in the front yard
Gartentraum am Wasser
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery and umbrellas in the middle of it
an outdoor garden with a pond surrounded by trees and shrubs, in front of a white house
Frühling am Koiteich
a wooden table sitting on top of a patio next to a lush green forest filled with trees
Lauschige Sitzecke am Koiteich
an outdoor pool surrounded by trees and lights at night with lanterns on the tree branches
Poolgarten bei Dämmerung
a pool surrounded by rocks and flowers next to a house
Weg über das Wasser
an outdoor living area lit up at night with lights on the ceiling and couches
Gemütliche Sitzecke
a house with a swimming pool in the back yard and lawn area next to it
Blick durchs Grün