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a dark tunnel with chains hanging from it's sides and water running down the side
an old building with columns and arches in it (4weooabfjwi.jpg)
a bridge in the middle of a forest with fire burning from it's burners
an image of a man and woman looking at something in a fish bowl that is floating on the water
the art of animation
Fandom, Fantasy Characters, Sorcerer, Shadowrun, Fantasy Rpg, Battle Mage
Гарри Дрезден
a group of people standing around a glowing circle in the middle of a desert area
Spellbinder's Preparation by ShadowMaster0001 on DeviantArt
Fantasy Story, High Fantasy, Story Inspiration, Sci Fi Fantasy, Character Portraits
A Wizard's Work by JoeSlucher on DeviantArt
Undead, Creature Art, Necromancy
Spectre, Mark Tarrisse
a man dressed as a demon holding a sceptacle in his right hand and wearing a hood with flames on it
an alien standing on top of a desert under a sky filled with stars
Soul Ascending by JoshHutchinson on DeviantArt
a table topped with paper and candles next to a cell phone on top of it
Knowledge. Power. Fireballs.
a black and white photo of a person on a horse with an arrow in their hand