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the brazilian vacation check sheet is shown with information about it and how to use it
Vacation Cheat Sheet: 17 Brazilian Portuguese Phrases You Need To Know
Make the most of your upcoming trip to Brazil by focusing on these Brazilian Portuguese phrases ahead of your flight abroad 😎 Follow the link to check out their correct pronunciation on the Babbel Magazine 🔗
the 5 most common portuguese verbs info sheet for kids and adults to use in their classroom
The Most Common Portuguese Verbs (And How To Use Them)
What are the 20 most common Portuguese verbs and how are they conjugated? We've prepared a learning guide to help you get familiar with them!
a poster with different types of boats in the water and on top of each other
What is being Brazilian all about? And why do most most visitors to Brazil fall in love with the country? The 11 habits and behaviors below are a good starting point for those who want a better understanding of life in the “Land of Soccer” (or would it be the “Land of Carnival”?).
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18 Great Books to Learn Portuguese for Beginners & Beyond - Learn Languages From Home