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Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg – wherever you want to travel, make sure to learn some German basic phrases first! Here you’ll find the most important…
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the german phrases you need to know on your vacation info sheet for kids and adults
Vacation Cheat Sheet: German Phrases You Need To Know
Follow the link to check out the correct pronunciation of these useful German phrases on the Babbel Magazine 🔗
the top 3 german modal verbs
The Top 5 German Modal Verbs
What’s so great about German modal verbs? They’re super versatile. You can use them to express commands, politeness, even probability! Check out sample sentences with wollen, möchten, müssen, dürfen and können on the Babbel Magazine.
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So feiert man Karneval rund um die Welt: eine Reise durch 6 Länder
Wie wird in Brasilien, Spanien und Frankreich Karneval gefeiert und wann fängt die Faschingszeit in Deutschland noch mal genau an? Erfahre es in unserem Artikel.
a man wearing a suit and tie with the words babbel above his head
What language do you want to learn?
We all know one. 😉
"Kopfkino" – the original way of saying "shouldn't have Googled that!" 😨 The Original
What language do you want to learn?
"Kopfkino" – the original way of saying "shouldn't have Googled that!" 😨
a poster with an image of a woman's face and speech bubble above it
What language do you want to learn?
What language do you want to learn?
What language do you want to learn?
What language do you want to learn?
the german and english language poster
3 useful German prefixes: ein, aus, um - Angelika's German Tuition & Translation
the german days of the week poster
Days of the Week in German
Video explaining German Christmas traditions German Christmas, Christmas Cookies, How Many, Christmas Gifts, At Home
German Christmas
Which Christmas cookies do the Germans bake at home? When do they put up a Christmas tree? What are the most typical Christmas gifts? Discover more about German Weihnachten here! 🎄
a woman with short brown hair smiling at the camera and texting, want some mystery on your bacon?
How To Say Hello In German
Greetings are the first words you'll use in your new language, and you’ll want to get off on the right foot, so it makes sense to learn them now. Here are some of the most common greetings in German.
How Similar Are Austrian German And Standard German?
On the surface, it may seem like the main difference between Austrian vs German is the vocabulary. And that's mostly (but only mostly) right 🇦🇹🇩🇪
The Top 5 Most Common German Adjectives: ganz, anders, groß, erste, weit Common Adjectives, German Songs, First Day Of Work
The Top 5 Most Common German Adjectives
Whether something is alt or neu, groß or klein, learning the most common adjectives in German will help you describe it. We’re here to get you started!
German Sayings with Sausage
You guessed it right: In German, it's all about the Wurst! 🌭