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an ornate silver urn with chains hanging from it's sides and two other items
В експозиційних залах - Скарбниця Національного музею історії України
a close up of a person wearing a knight's helmet
Milanese Couter
Complete Elbow Protection Epic Armoury’s Milanese Couter is a low-fantasy set of armour designed to protect the elbows--including the sides and a portion of the arms, thwarting even the craftiest rogue. Its shape is intended to not only block blows, but to deflect them away sa...
two women in white dresses standing next to a piano
@一口甜之 - Nhất Khẩu Điềm Chi ( - Một Chút Ngọt Ngào ) Weibo: 一口甜之
an old metal armor with intricate designs on it
Louvre site des collections
Breastplate C. 1540-45 Milan Iron, copper, leather, fabric Former Pierre Révoil collection, acquired in 1828 Department of Decorative Arts