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an exercise poster with the words i'm fitnessstudi in german and english
Spiel "Finde das Paar: Im Fitnessstudio"
the german language is written in two different languages, and there are several other words on it
Language Ramblings
a poster with different types of furniture and names on the front page, including chairs, tables
the words nach are written in different languages
Немецкий язык
a poster with words describing different things in german
a poem written in german with an image of a cartoon character
Ingyenes német gyakorlatok - Lupán Német Online
an easter poster with the names of different types of eggs and bunnies in german
a poster with different types of kitchen appliances
an apple with words written in german on it
Deutsches Zentrum | Escuela de alemán en Madrid, centro TELC
a poster with different types of kitchen appliances in german and english words are shown here
the words in different languages are arranged into a circle with each word written on it
Jabba German on Twitter
the different types of shoes are shown in this diagram, and each one has its own name
Szókincs :: Lupán Német Online