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an outdoor shower in the shape of a door with a drain on it's side
(3) Входящие — Рамблер/почта
(3) Входящие — Рамблер/почта
two men are working on a trench in the ground
Linear Channel Drains
linear channel being laid | St. Louis | St. Charles | Missouri | Green Turf Irrigation | www.greenturf.com/services
a drain pipe laying on the ground next to a brick wall and some concrete pipes
Garage entrance drainage Image Results
Garage entrance drainage
a water fountain spewing out rocks into the ground
Fuentes de piedra - Campoloco Muebles y Decoración
Beach/river rocks for drain surface
there is a long row of rocks on the ground
Accueil - Bleu béton
an open gate leading into a brick driveway
Paver Driveway
Driveway with pavers and grass.
a brick walkway with green grass between two buildings
green driveway
two cars parked in the grass near a fence
Yahoo Image Search
Drivable Grass® Do-it-Yourself Product Page
the grass has been laid out on the side of the road
Paving Stones - Turfstone
Driveway idea
the floor is made up of stones and gravel, along with wooden doors in the background
Love this driveway idea! And we could incorporate it into the gravel backyard.
a black and white cat sitting on top of a stone floor next to a tree
Outdoor Living by Belgard
Turfstone, with its high tech design, not only allows water to be absorbed naturally in the soil, but it also prevents erosion. Additionally, greenery can grow through Turfstone, thus working in harmony with nature. #TurfstonePaver
a man kneeling down to put cement on the ground
The Road Less Traveled: Pervious Pavement & Other Green Surfaces for Your Home
LA Team Effort: The Road Less Traveled: Pervious Pavement & Other Green Surfaces for Your Home
there are two different sections of hexagonal bricks on the ground and one is filled with rocks
Gravel surfaces stabilized for vehicle and pedestrian traffic
CORE Gravel grids are available in black or white.