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a close up of a couch with gold trimmings on the back and sides
crêtes Declercq Passementiers - passementerie - trimmings
an image of a bed with many different colors and patterns on the cover, along with other items
Soft furnishings - Graf
a close up of an accordion with many strings attached to the front and back ends
Passementeries - Graf
Passementeries Declercq Passementiers - Graf
a purple and gold dress hanging up against a wall
Siège du groupe Vinci - Graf
Siège du groupe Vinci - Graf - Declercq Passementiers
a close up of a colorful cloth on a window sill with beads and chains hanging from it
Passementeries - Graf
Passementeries - Graf
a wallpaper pattern with blue and white designs on the side of it, including an arch
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Manuel Canovas Wallpaper Lutece Noir by SouthernShadesFabric
an ornate gold and silver mirror frame next to a blue curtain with tassels on it
ZsaZsa Bellagio
It really is all about the details.
two tassels are hanging on a wall with blue and white flowers in the background
RUSSIAN SILK TIEBACK Beautifully crafted with the finest silk work, exquisite braiding and stripped goose and coque feather fringe
an intricately designed table cloth with tassels and beads on it's edges
Drapery inspiration. Renaissance Collection by Brimar
two golden bells are hanging from a gold broochle on a colorful fabric with intricate designs
Pretty Button Rosette. Tailored Collection. Decofuse brand by Brimar. #brimar #decofuse #trim
the curtains are made up and ready to be hung
Pendant rosettes spruce up bottom edge of draperies. Renaissance Collection by BRIMAR
two chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with flowers on it
Upholstered walls in Braquenie Fabrics at the Chateau De Montgeoffroy.
two tassels hanging from a rope on a white background with an owl motif
Decor de Paris Tieback
a gray and white rug with an interlocked design on the bottom half of it