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a nativity scene with figurines, trees and lights on the table top
winter garden table
there is a cake decorated with small figurines on top of the grass and straw
Ribbon & Bell ~ May Day ~ Nature Table
a plate filled with lots of different types of plants and mushrooms on top of it
Creating With Children – The Waldorf Nature Table
A nature table, also known as a seasonal table, is a place in the home where you can follow the natural cycle of the year. (Remember this post…
wooden cutouts of people standing in front of each other
Figuras Euritmia
a doll sitting on top of a table next to a window sill with flowers
Weven en lente
Poppenatelier Barbara: Weven en lente
a bowl filled with plants and gnomes sitting on top of it
Nature Table September - Jahreszeitentisch September
september nature table
a bowl filled with plants and rocks on top of a wooden table
Nature Table March - Jahreszeitentisch März
spring nature table
a plate filled with flowers and animals on top of a wooden table
nature table- spring
a small tree in a pot with rocks and moss
Nature Table November
nature table- winter
a plate that has some plants on top of it and a doll in the middle
Nature Table March
nature table, spring