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a painted rock shaped like a heart with a colorful feather on it's side
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some rocks have been placed on the floor with writing and construction vehicles painted on them
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Story Stones Construction Set by LittlePebbleDesigns on Etsy
a child's hand touching buttons on top of a piece of paper with an image of the human body
Anatomie mit Steinen: So lernen Kinder spielerisch, welches Organ wo sitzt #Aktionstablett #Anatomie #Kindergarten
three little pigs story stones are shown in front of a drawsack bag with the words,
3 Little Pigs Story Stones
These 3 Little Pig story stones are perfect for re-telling and reading comprehension. Using flat rocks and paint pens, these are simple to make!
two children are playing with magnets on the floor
Color sorting, or stories
a painted rock with a tree on it
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THIS TREE ROCKS- a hand painted tree stone
painted rocks are arranged in a circle on a wooden surface with shells and seaweed
Because #zimbabwerocks & we can
there are many small houses made out of sand and plastic cars in the middle of it
Painted Rock Fairy Houses Pinterest Top Pins - The WHOot
a hand holding a notebook with houses drawn on it
"The100DayProject" [1-10]
Illustrations for "The100dayproject", part 1. [1-10]
the solar system rocks are on display
Funny Games Enjoy Now
four painted rocks with different sayings on them
ARA HOME: 22 Inspiring Painted Rocks Quotes Could Be Costing to More Than You Think | Home Ideas