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the weather in different languages on a dark background with clouds and sun behind it, as well as chinese characters
there are many different types of words in the language that you can use to describe
Radical 足
different types of rings and bracelets with chinese characters on them, all written in english
a person holding a ball in their hands with the caption cool, awesome it's to give power to something
Mandarin HQ
给力 - gěilì - cool, awesome
a poster with the words mandarin practice and pictures of people doing different things in front of them
Verbs in Chinese.For more information please contact The best Mandarin School in China.
an image of a woman with her hands on her face and other words surrounding her
pictochinia tagged espa%C3%B1ol
an image of chinese words with animals
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an image of chinese characters with animals and birds in the same language, which are also english
An Owl is a "Cat Head Eagle".
a man standing next to a tree and another person wearing a hat on top of it
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an image of the chinese symbols and their meanings for different things to see on this page
"Hand Electric Tube"
the steps to an elevator are labeled in chinese and english, with symbols above them
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an image of the brain and computer screen with chinese characters on it, as well as symbols
"Electric Brain"